Thursday, February 11, 2010

Statement of Purpose

Although not many knew i wanted to do doctoral program ( Yes Indeed i wanted and applied for 28 Universities all over Europe and Canada ). By now i got rejection mail from the last university too .

The point i want to make here is not that my application got rejected , The point is what i wrote in my statement of purpose , Yes the very statement why i wanted to do a doctoral program .

Any way who wants to copy some one's SOP whose application got rejected .

Statement of Purpose – Sashank Dara

After a good academic track record and six years of exceptional industrial experience my thirst for creating more meaningful products which have an impact on masses of the mankind is not satisfied .

I have strong passion for researching and creating products which make an impact on this world , which can change the way people live , for much better world , for much better economy.

In my honest opinion , either Industry or Academia should thrive for such research ,
should work for such products which would make a difference in this world.
Unfortunately I sense there is a gap between industry and academia , most of the products produced by industry perish or don't make sense because of lack of research and most of academic research does not impact human life as there is lesser chance to make a meaningful product out of them and i want to do my part to bridge such gap.
I have strong passion for solving problems , real problems which can change the way we live ,in this age of computers and communications, there is not a problem that can be solved which can bring such change. At the same time , a strong passion in creating products of such solutions .

Coming to my interests in Doctoral Thesis I have chosen ,

1. Algorithms and CS theory , A real world application of a well researched algorithm
can have huge impact on our daily lives , it can be anything including economy , health or well optimized usage of our valuable available resources, It would be very challenging to do such research.

2. Networking wireless and Communications , Modern Days communications have
revolutionized the way we communicate , it reduced the distance between people at the
same time it complicated our relations too . So well researched networking application should add to the well being of such human relations, I would love to put my heart and soul in such research.

3. Security and cryptography , Its our responsibility , I mean computer science engineers responsibility to create more secure and meaningful applications , the world can bank on !

Its our soulful duty to save millions of people from the clutches of unending
vulnerabilities our computers have created in their day to day live , it can be their bank accounts or simply put their lives which is full of computers in one or the other form in their daily live . It would be definitely exciting to be part of such research . On a whole i think , i can put my research abilities and strong work experience to a proper use in such research which can create more meaningful Living on this planet !

On a long run , i would like to see myself as a Technology Evangelist and a Teacher , so that we can inspire and make more such research scientists required to make this world a better place to live in .

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