Friday, September 26, 2008

Call for Volunteers

Yes we are looking for volunteers ...

Are you good with kids ?
Are you staying in Bangalore ?
Are you free Saturday mornings for 1.30 Hrs ?
Are you ready to donate that time to teach english/music/cultural activities to underprivileged kids ?

Then Yes we are looking for you ....

What If I dont know kannada ?
Come on , Each of us have a kid in ourselves , should language be barrier ?

What If i dont know english ?
Grrr ... how did u read so faaar ..

Iam interested in joining you , but lazy to wake up every saturday morning ?
Come on mate , Two hours a week can bring change in some one's life , do at least this if not complaining about dirty politics , pot holed roads , cricketers form or movie actors which you would be spending more than two hours a week

What if i forget to come ?
Dont worry , our co-ordinator is so good to send remainder mails , smses ..

What else i need to know ?
Just enough of reading this blog , comment below ur interest , we would get back to you ....


2lc said...

good..good ;)
first good for teaching kids
and the second one for renovating ur blog.

Naresh said...

HI, I am interested, however it would not be possible early morning. I can make it from 11.30 am. and i can teach the art of expression. PLease advise.