Friday, October 3, 2008

Standard of Living

An uncle of mine , moderately educated , called from a small town , after a bit of chat , he says
in cities like bangalore , hyderabad etc the "standard of living" would be much better than their town .

"Standard of living " this very phrase has been haunting me since the time he put the phone .
Yes , skyscraper buildings , plush cars , posh apartments , multi specialty hospitals ( which has life time memberships*) seems to be so colorful for any person coming from a mediocre town or village .

But still , whats the catch here ? what is standard of living ? breathless , over crowded skyscrapers ? always polluting plush cars ? not even enough ventilated posh apartments ? hours of frustrating traffic ? potholed roads which breaks ur spine ? unhealthy food ? polluted air ? gimme a break ...

Standard of living is hygienic food , clean drinking water , unadulterated air over all simple'city' in life . no wonder how many lakhs you earn , what ever car u drive , which ever apartment u stay .. if you don't have these standards whats the point in living in so called cities ?

*yes its true , check with any big plated hospital , irony , do they expect us to be ill for rest of life ?

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