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Niluvadhamu ninu epudianaa english translation

The below is beautiful song and lyrics are taken from here
Song: Niluvadhamu
Movie:Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana
Language: Telugu
Music: Devi Sriprasad
Lyricist: Sirivennala
Singers: Karthik, Sumangali
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Niluvadhamu Ninu Epudaina
Nuvvu evvaru ani adigena
Aa chitrame gamanisthuna

Essence : Iam noticing this strange thing newly,
of a mirror questioning me who am I ?

( for he has fallen in love and he cant see himself in a mirror, but seeing his beloved in it )

Literal Meaning:

Niluvu+addam a vertical mirror ( full length mirror ) ,
ninu - you
epudainaa - any time
nuvvu - you
evaru - who
ani adigena ? - asked

aa chitrame - That wonder
Gaministhuna -- observing
Kothhaga - Newly

Nuvvu vinnadhi nee pErayina
Ninu kaadhani anipinchaina
Aa sangathi kanipeduthunna

Essence : Iam trying to discover another strange thing
I hear someone calling my name , but i dont think its me,

Literal Meaning:
Vinnadi - Heard
perayina -- peru + aynaa -- Name
kaadhani - not
anipinchena - felt
aa sangathi - that matter
kanipeduthunna - discoveryng
vinthagaa - strangely

Nee kannula merise roopam
NaadhEna anukuntunna
Nee thEnela pedhavulu palike
Teeyadhanam naa pErEna
adhi nuvve ani nuvve cheputhuvunna

Essence : Images in your eyes looks to be mine ,
Sweet words from your honey lips looks to be my name ,
Can't believe it even if you confirm they are mine !

Literal Meaning :

kannula - eyes
merise - shining
roopam - image ( of person)
naadhe - mine
anukuntunna - thinking/imagining ( here its , 'felt')
thenela - honey soaked
pedavulu - lips
palike - uttering
theeyadanam - sweetness
naa perenaaa - is it my name ?

adhi nuvve - thats you
ani nuvve - yes it is, as told by you
chebuthu vunna -- telling


Ha..prathi adugu, thanaku thaane
Saagindhi nee vaypu
Naa maata vinnantu

Essence : Every step my feet takes, goes towards you without my control ...
Literal Meaning :

Prathi - every
adugu - step
thanaku thane - by itself
saagindhi - proceeds
nee vyapu - towards you
naa maata - my word
vinnatu - not listening
nenaapalenthaga ( nenu + aapalenu + anthaga ) - i could not stop


Bhayapadaku adhi nizame
vasthondhi ee marpu
Nee koti chindulni
Natyaluga marchagaa

Essence : Dont worry , its true , there is a change in you , for your monkey deeds are turning into beautiful dance forms

Literal Meaning :
same as essence ( in order of the words above )

Nanninthaga marchendhuku
Neekevarricharu hakku

Essence :who gave you this authority to change me this much?

Literal Meaning :
Nanninthaga -- Nannu + inthaga , me this much
marchenduku -- for changing
neekevarricharu -- neeku + evaru + icharu , who gave you
hakku - authority

Nee premane prasninchuko
Aa nindha nakendhuku

Why blame me for that , question your love it self !

Prasninchuko - Prasna is question , prasninchuko question itself

nindha - blame
nakenduku - naaku + enduku , why me


Ha..idhivaraku, yedhalayaku
Ye maathramuledhu horethu ee joru
Kangaru pettenthaga

Never did I felt my heart racing and its worry some too !

Idhivaruku - Never before
Yedhalayaky - yedha + laya , heart + beat ( or rhythm of heart )

yee maathramu ledu - not even there
horethu - Gushing water like
ee joru - this speed
kangaru pettenthaga - and its worrysome

Thadabadaku, nanu adugu
cheputhanu pataalu nee letha
padhalu jalapadamayetuga

Dont worry , Ask me , Would teach you lessons which would make gentle feet would dance like water falls ..

Thadabadaku - hesitate / feel difficult to ask ( in this context )
adugu - ask
cheputhaanu - tell
pataalu -lessons
nee letha - your tender
paadhalu - feet
jalapathamayettuga - jalapathamu + ayettugaa- waterfalls + would turn

Na darine marlinchaga
Neekendhuku antha pantham

Why are you so stubborn to change my way
naa darinee -- my way
marlinchaga - change
neekenduku -- neeku + enduku , you why
antha - that much
pantham - stubborn/adamant
Manchethilo unte kadhaa
Preminchatam maanatam

manchethilo - mana + chethilo , our hands
unte kadha - is it there ?
preminchatam - loving
maanatam - not loving
(who am i to change your way ) Its not in our hands to fall in love or not

[Male ]


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